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These Leaders Make A Difference...

The Impact of Positive Leadership Comes From Investing in Your Own Professional Development…

We all know what its like when we are part of a team where the leadership style is challenging and not particularly constructive to good working relationships or productivity. After a while we often can start questioning ours elves and our own abilities and thinking that we are not good enough.

Being part of a team where we are valued, supported through the challenging times, where there is good communications, a desire for us to achieve and general respect as a colleague and professional – is such a satisfying experience.

Such is the impact of leadership – it sets the tone. Be it negative or positive there will be a domino effect that influences productivity and the bottom line.

What makes the difference? Leaders who are invested in professional development to improve the positive impact and influence they have - are the ones who are making the difference.

Research tells us that it is emotional intelligence that is the leadership quality that matters.