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Transactional Analysis:
A powerful set of tools that can have an enormous impact on your personal and professional interactions, and your life…

What is TA?

Life can be diverse and complex filled with challenging situations at work and home, the ever constant changes and conditions, sometimes exposing us to difficult and confronting situations and events, and sometimes repeating unwanted situations.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were given a framework that would allow you to understand where people are coming from, why they interact the way they do and how you can get the best from people?


Well Transactional Analysis (TA) is that framework.


TA is a theory of human development, social psychology, personality and communication and its more than just that – it can help us understand ourselves more, gain insights and increase self-awareness and help us bring about positive changes we want to make in our lives.


TA is a framework of models, tools and techniques that can help you understand yourself and the impact you have on others. It can have a lasting effect on how you live life, communicate, related and understand others.


The TA models can help you understand what happens when communication goes wrong and why you can have repeated experiences and negative situations and what you can do about them.


It can also provide you with extraordinary clarity around why people think, feel and behave they way we do. By increasing your own self awareness and curiosity in relation to others you can then change what you want to change, increasing your confidence and living a happier and fulfilled life.


“Learning the TA theories has had a powerful impact on my self-awareness… I feel like I know a secret that others don’t, on how to get the best out of people using a set of simple communication tools.” Liz, Business Coach

TA helps bring about change…

A transaction is an exchange of communication (verbal or non-verbal) between people. Analysing these transactions will give you clues to your personality that can help you change.


Through applying TA concepts you are able to understand why you think and feel the way you do.  You may wish to change some behaviours which are not serving you well and through putting TA methods into practice you can do this. These changes can be applied immediately in your relationships at home, work and socially with individuals and in group settings.


“I found TA to be relevant and enjoyable…and refreshing to look at relationships from a different perspective.”  Ros, Counsellor


TA is one of the most usable theories of modern psychology… 

Originally developed by Dr Eric Berne, contemporary TA continues to evolve and be applied widely throughout the world in areas of organisational development, communications, management, leadership, learning and development, group dynamics, stress management, coaching and supervision, psychotherapy, counselling and education.


Whether you're in business, leadership, a parent or grandparent, an educator, in a social profession or interested in personal development; Transactional Analysis theories will enrich your dealings with people, and your understanding of yourself.

“From what I have learned, I will find benefits in both personal and professional lives. I had more than one 'a-ha' moment!”  Neil, Operations Director


Understanding TA…

Dr Berne was adamant that understanding and learning about ourselves was important for anyone who wanted to do so. He thought that in order for this to happen it needed to take place with language that did not use medical and science terminologies.


TA continues to evolve to meet the contemporary needs of individual and group understandings applying the same genre where it is easy to understand and it can be applied to yourself, your role  and workplace settings; from the shop floor to the boardroom.

“I learnt new and efficient tools to deal with current, everyday situations”.

Melissa, Homeopathy Student

TA for Organisations…

Transactional Analysis can be used as a method for understanding people and systems to effectively manage change, along with developing leaders, groups and organisations.


Using TA within your organisation can be a very effective solution to aide growth, leadership, workplace learning or simple manage change and transitions. Having an experienced certified TA Organisational Trainer, with the added depth of tools and theories from a modern psychology perspective, partner with your organisation through coaching & supervision, consultancy services or ad hoc workshops would be a smart decision.


“Mandy's understanding of organisational psychology, organisational culture and dynamics gave me insights and strategies to successfully build teams and achieve outcomes."

Denise, Senior Health Project Manager


Continued Growth in TA…

Transactional Analysis is gathering worldwide attention. Today there is greater understanding of TA. More people are taking part in workshops and training courses - and increasingly, universities are accrediting these courses for masters’ degrees from psychiatry, organisational and management consulting, teaching, social work, designers, engineers and even the clergy!


Books have been written for all ages, from children through to adults, by people all over the world. Transactional Analysis is truly an international theory relating to a diverse range of cultures.


“I’ve learned a lot … especially in connection with how to approach different interactions for different results.” Dylan, Web Developer

Understanding Self & Others (TA101)

Discover how having a better understanding of yourself, and the people around you, can give you a renewed sense of purpose & energy in your life. This  2-day course is an ideal introduction of TA, filled with insight generating techniques and ah-ha moments, in a non-confrontation and non-judgemental environment. Read more...

The five fundamental principles of TA


  1. We assume that people will want to grow and develop, even when they may have forgotten this themselves...

  2. We also assume that humans want and need to connect with others.  The aim is therefore to provide awareness so that we can identify more options for interacting effectively...

  3. All applications of TA involved contracting – using TA models for growth and change is done by agreement and is not something that is imposed...

  4. The underlying attitude is I’m OK You’re OK rather than Someone here is not OK. We may object to someone’s behaviour but still regard them as a valued human being...

  5. Many of our key decisions about life were made when we were too young to have adequate data.  We are capable of re-decision – of changing our minds.

Not sure if you'll like TA?
Watch this video on Ego States & basic transactions... if it sparks curiosity then you're bound to love TA!

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