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“I am continually impressed with the insights and transformations people experience when they combine personal and professional development.”  

Mandy Lacy PhD, TSTA (O), M.LST,

Consultant, Facilitator & Coach

About Mandy

Mandy brings an interesting and exceptional combination of experience, skills and qualifications.   She holds a Masters degree in Learning Science and Technology and PhD from the University of Sydney Research Centre for Learning and Innovation, Australia.  Mandy is also an international Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the organisational psychology field. In her work, Mandy brings a wealth of expertise to the areas of transformation, organisation development, leadership, coaching, change management, benefits realisation management and modern workplace learning. 


Her coaching area of focus is career change, loss and grief.  Mandy has been interested in the dynamics of leadership and group settings since she was very young. Read more about Mandy’s journey to becoming a highly regarded consultant, coach and trainer here.


Mandy has national and international professional memberships in consulting, supervision, coaching and training and brings a wealth of experience from corporate, public sector, government and NGO settings. 


Based in New Zealand, Mandy sees clients and runs regular workshops in Mt Maunganui and Cambridge New Zealand.  She also provides online consultations and workshops for clients locally and internationally. 

Mandy Lacy

“If you are learning from Mandy, trust you’re in good hands – Mandy knows her stuff.”


Damon Stewart

Company Director (Telecommunications)

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From the boardroom to the shop floor, Mandy has had great success in leadership, team dynamics, professional and personal development.

Discover the value of having Mandy work with your organisation and teams... Understand where your organisation's breakdown in communication are taking place, where there are unrealised potentials, how you can maximise opportunities, increase cooperation, collaboration and productivity within your team.

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