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Agreeing to flexible work hours is an empowering way to establish trust, transparency and autonomy for the employee, the direct report and the organisation. Imagine you have a flexible work hours’ arrangement that allows you to meet your personal and work commitments,...

How is your leadership style impacting on your workplace relationships and performance? Learn the qualities of leadership that make the biggest difference.

Attitude makes a big difference...

More and more in workplaces, in teams, organisations and within ourselves we are being expanded to work with strengths, creativity and positive emotions.

There has been considerable research over the last three to four years looking at...

Have you ever had days when your negative voices in your head outweigh the positive about everything? You think that you aren’t deserving of anything, your body

With the seasonal pressures of money, family, the festive season, extra people around you and travelling, things can unravel.

When this happens we are likely to fall into role of ‘victim’, ‘persecutor’ or ‘rescuer’. Actually, we are likely to take on each of these roles...

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