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Leadership Development

Discover how Leadership Development can make an impact on you and your organisation’s performance…


Leadership sets the tone, good or bad, leadership gives permission of what is acceptable practice.


Just as with families where the parental figures set the tone of the family, so do leaders in the workplace. Groups and teams are mirrors of the leadership styles, ethics, practice and doing. 


Whether we like it or not leaders are role models and a constant source of permissions and acceptable practice. This can be explicit or implicit, verbal and non-verbal, open agreed or unspoken.


People take their cues from leaders and work towards the expected performance and outcomes, and sometimes through modelling leadership behaviours.


So what’s it like when you are part of a team and find the leadership style challenging, completely separate from your own values and practice or undermining of your contributions and performance?

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We know the experience of being part of a team where the opposite takes place with a good leader. Where you are valued, supported through the challenging times, there is open and transparent communications, a desire for you to achieve and general respect as a colleague and professional. In these situations, we don’t mind going the extra mile, our loyalty and team member confidence grows and we consider that we would like to have leadership skills like this.


Leadership development is all about increasing our self-awareness of our impact on others. Understanding the influence we invoke on business outcomes, peer leadership and team dynamics, conflict management and problem solving, is one of the most insightful things a leader can do.


Personal and professional development for leadership will give you the point of difference. By regularly checking in with how your leadership style is achieving results or not – is the perfect way to keep in touch with your day-to-day impact, influence and performance.


Combined with learning new leadership tools and techniques this is a powerful combination to put you at the forefront of successful leadership. 


Contemporary TA offers such a wealth of effective frameworks and methods where you will see instance results in your own personal and professional development and also in all your interactions. 


Having the ability analyse your leadership outcomes is at times challenging because it can mean changing the way you do things. However, it can be the most illuminating, enjoyable and meaningful thing you can do that will bring you such satisfaction and willingness to be a learner for life of yourself in relation to others. 


There are no quick fixes only a commitment to become curious about yourself and the roles you have and how these are interlocking paradigms that will give you the keys to personal and professional empowerment. 


Learning problem solving skills is such a stress buster – it allows you to unpack tense situations, prepare for challenging encounters to deal with difficult people and situations. It won’t be instantly easy, your ability to deal more effectively with these situations improves as time goes by with practice and review.


Leadership development is available through the in-house workshops and courses, leadership coaching and professional supervision. Individualised programmes can be tailored to suit your leadership needs, goals and aspirations.


Find out more about Leadership Development, contact Mandy about a Free Workplace Assessment or just a friendly chat. 

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