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Coaching & Mentoring

A personally customised, supportive, and powerful approach to professional and personal development...  

Mandy offers several coaching, mentoring and professional supervision approaches specifically for people experience career related change, loss or grief.


This page focuses on professional development approaches.  In recent years Mandy has developed a very specific Creativity Coaching niche which is expanding rapidly as more people discover that improving self esteem and confidence through self awareness and  igniting their creativity has so many benefits on all levels.  Find out more here.  

​If you are experiencing career change, have been promoted, have a new role, want a leadership opportunity, or you are wanting an increased positive impact in your current position - then individual coaching could be for you.​.

Business Meeting
  • Interested in understanding the impact you have on others and how others impact you? 

  • Do you have a transition plan for the next phase in your career and life?

  • Are you wondering how to live up to your promotion?

  • Do you find promoting your experience and expertise difficult when seeking a new roles?

  • Does your CV represent a very humble and low key version of your professional self?

  • Do similar scenarios keep happening at work and you are not sure why?

  • Do you find yourself anxious around certain kinds of people and situations?

  • Or, do you want to to learn more about yourself but you don't want to be in a group?  

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions then Professional Development Coaching could be the lever you need for the next steps in your life.

Professional development coaching is about working with you to identify your aspirations and your gaps, so that you can combine learning to reach your goals.  It includes discovering new concepts and communication tools that you can apply immediately for positive short and long term results. 


This style of coaching will take you through a seven step programme that allows you to practice and action new approaches directly into your work (and your personal life if you choose). Mandy firmly advocates that professional and personal development in unison will give you the edge and equip you for all situations.  


Mandy provides coaching face-to-face and online using Zoom.  Through this coaching you will be able to plan, test out your thinking, practice new approaches and reflect on previous experiences so as to apply new insights and learning. 


Individuals engaged in professional development coaching are afforded a time and place to examine workplace situations, leadership dynamics and tensions.  Through this examination and by applying new learnings you will be able to see more clearly what interventions and actions can prevent the same things happening over again.


Professional development coaching is a proactive, supportive and customised learning that has many years of evidence and research to advocate the powerful return on investment it brings to individuals and organisations. 


Mandy has been a professional development coach and professional supervisor for many years. She holds relevant qualifications and professional memberships, and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) member.


Contact Mandy to discuss professional development coaching for you.  

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