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Professional Supervision

Improve your work performance and feel supported with this non-judgemental and qualified perspective...

Professional supervision gives you a chance to:

  • Review your work with an independent, confidential, highly trained professional

  • Explore your feelings around work (such as excitement, frustration, anxiety, discouragement, or even boredom)

  • Receive objective feedback and guidance related to work issues/decisions

  • Identify and plan for self-care if necessary

  • Develop professional skills (e.g., time management, problem-solving, managing relationships with others, avoiding procrastination)

  • Obtain ideas and information related to competence, ethics, standards, etc.

Business Meeting

The benefits of professional supervision provides you with an objective, non-judgmental, and qualified perspective, offering both support (for your successes and your failures) and skills for improving your work performance.


Supervision is about taking care of yourself, and about becoming more self-aware and skilled.


Lack of supervision, on the other hand, can lead you to feel unappreciated, defensive, and burned out.


This then contributes to decreased effectiveness at work and in other areas of life, increased absences from work, physical and emotional difficulties, more conflict among workmates, and numerous other problems.


Engaging in professional supervision for your staff or as an individual is proving to have positive outcomes of:

  • Less staff turnover

  • Less stressed/more effective staff

  • Less conflict in your workplace

  • Better productivity and efficiency for your staff

  • Better workplace relationships

  • Better job satisfaction


Professional supervision typically involves regular meetings outside of the workplace with an independent person with training, skills, and knowledge so as to help you reflect on your work practice with a goal towards improvement.


Mandy Lacy is a highly qualified supervisor with professional body memberships.

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