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TA101 2-day Courses 

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The TA101 course is the official introduction to the Transactional Analsyis core concepts.  Mandy is approved by ICF to provide TA101 as accredited continuing coach education.   


This course will provide you with a starting line from which to contemplate TA concepts as they relate to you personally and professionally.  You will be introduced to concepts and tools that will increase you self-awareness about the impact you have on yourself and others along with the gaining insights into why others influence you the way they do.   

TA is a humanistic modality with practical and instrumental approaches for understanding yourself and others more fully. You will find ways to change the situations that keep happening to you that aren't serving you well. 

More information about the TA101 can be found here.

Find out more about TA here

Download an information flyer here.

TA in Social & Education

TA for Personal Development

TA for Professionals

Email Mandy to register your interest.

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Further professional development workshops are designed to build on particular TA101 concepts for you to apply to yourself personally and professionally. 

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