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Discover Transactional Analysis, a proven approach to increasing your organisations’ effectiveness...

Attention: Professionals, Managers, Leaders & Team Players...

Organisational Transactional Analysis is a theory and practice that enables effective communication, systemic organisational awareness, organisational development, solutions focused problem solving and outstanding tools and techniques for developing people at all levels of the organisation. It looks at development and change from the individual, team, department and organisational levels and operates from an assumption of wellbeing to build on what is already working well. These can be:

  • building leadership confidence

  • problem solving

  • conflict resolution

  • increase team performance

  • improving communications

  • learning and training

  • encouraging self awareness and impact.

Through group coaching, leadership development or customised workplace workshops, TA can help transform your organisation into the best it can be by focussing on development, growth and increased effectiveness of your leaders and groups working within your organisation. 


TA is a social psychology for the improvement of human relations. By offering a systemic approach to growth and change at professional and personal levels, in teams and groups, and for the whole organisation, you’ll gain clarity and insights, understanding the links between human needs and behaviours and the ways that your organisation is effective or ineffective in solving its problems and serving your customers.


It is a powerful combination of deep philosophy and practices, which provides a simple insight into how improved interpersonal relationships and effective communication lead to improved performance and productivity within your organisation. It will bring about increased awareness of how interpersonal relationships, organisational processes and productivity are related. All this makes organisational TA an especially useful tool for leaders, managers and anyone working on improving processes and relations within your organisation.


Organisational consulting based on Transactional Analysis is a contractual approach. Mandy would act as a guide in your organisation and teach understanding and skills in communication and problem solving in organisational life. Mandy is trained to have insight into group dynamics; how groups work; who, in practice, will lead them and the organisational context within which they function.


Transactional Analysis provides many concepts related to specific aspects of organisational life, such as 'drivers' for time management, cycles of development for handling change, and the analysis of organisational scripts to add clarity and direction to organisational development. By observing limiting beliefs and ingrained behaviour patterns, Mandy can offer guidance to your executives on how to create a healthy organisational culture in which individuals can function effectively, creatively and enthusiastically.


The emphasis is on finding choices for avoiding non-productive competition and conflict, and on developing more effective problem solving strategies and management styles. In settings as diverse as airlines, retail, manufacturing, government agencies, family businesses, banks, local authorities and many others, Transactional Analysis has proven its value as a solidly grounded approach to inter-personal skills, management development and culture change.


If you are interested in testing TA out…consider coming to Mandy’s Understanding Self & Others, Introduction to TA 2-day workshop or get Mandy in-house for a workshop tailored to your organisation.

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