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TA101: Understanding yourself and others Your communication toolkit

a 2 day professional development course 

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This page gives you more detail about the TA101 course, to read a more succinct summary of the course information, click here.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a powerful set of tools that can have an enormous impact on your personal and professional interactions, communication, relationships and life.

TA is an approach that has both depth and breadth. It is not a "quick fix" and will always stand you in good stead whatever your situation.

TA is a theory of human development, personality and communication but its more than just that – it can help us understand ourselves more, gain insights and increase self-awareness and help us bring about change.


A transaction is an exchange of communication (verbal or non-verbal) between people. Analysing these transactions give us clues to your personality that can help you change.


This course not only provides a clear understanding of the concepts of transactional analysis but can also act as a springboard for personal growth and development. 


What’s included in the course?


Get The TA ‘Toolkit’: 7 Powerful and Effective Modules

+ Bonus modules not usually taught in TA101

+ Bonus Book – popular TA Today by Ian Stewart & Vann Joines worth over $40

+ Internationally Recognised TA101 participation certificate – prerequisite for anyone looking to further their TA studies or to add to your professional development requirements.


Understanding Self & Others is different to other courses


Its super easy to understand with its jargon-free language, in fact founder Dr Eric Berne deliberately created it that way. His goal was to create a psychological approach to understanding human behaviours in a way that everyone could understand it, from children to adults, from the boardroom to the shop floor.


Its packed with powerful psychological theory that has the inspiring quality of being easily usable for the newcomer, yet with a level of depth that can intrigue and excite practitioners for a lifetime.


Transactional Analysis theories will enrich your dealings with people, and your understanding of yourself.


How Mandy Lacy is different to other facilitators...


Mandy has over 20 years of exploring the depth and breadth of Organisational Transaction Analysis. With a Master’s under her belt she is now in her final year of her PhD. 


Blending learning and working has been what has kept Mandy with her finger on the pulse about current day issues and dynamics for leaders and in organisations and workplaces.


Mandy has maintained a leadership coaching and professional supervision private practice for the last 15 years. She has worked in many consulting, leadership development, coaching and training capacities and held numerous leadership and board roles for many organisations nationally and internationally.


She's published articles and delivered countless presentations from India to Japan, throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And as one of only two international Teaching and Supervising Organisational TA Trainers in Australasia. She's facilitated dozens of workshops for people from all walks of life. She's warm and approachable, and genuinely displays the philosophies of TA through her trusting, non-confrontational nature.

Here's a great video introducing a popular TA concept. If you find this interesting, you're bound to love this workshop...


The TA Toolkit: 7 Powerful and Effective Modules covered over 2-days. 

You will learn…

Module #1 

Contracting technique: Learn to gain the most out of your interactions, from clients, consultants, groups, colleagues or partners. This is the secret to having a Win/Win relationships. 

Module #2 

Ego States: Parent, Adult, Child (our many states) – Gain understanding on what makes us who we are? Why do we think, feel, behave the way we do. 

Module #3 

Recognition: A biological need so strong we adopt ways and patterns to give and receive, be it positive or negative, in order to validate our view of the types of recognition we and others deserve. Being conscious of this can help build stronger relationships in our lives.

Module #4 

Life patterns: Ways we are unconsciously affected in our personal and professional lives through childhood decisions we made. These influence the way we put ourselves and others down, doubt our ability or be passive to solving problems and how we can minimise real issues in order not to face them.  

Module #5

Repetitive patterns we engage in which are outside of our awareness and often termed psychological games. The situations that happen over and over again which can create familiarity and predictability in our lives. 

Module #6 

Internal processes: Known in TA as rackets, these are the internal (and external) mechanisms we employ to make sure our ‘life story’ is kept in tack. Plus, what we do to cash in our resentments and grudges. And the behaviours we exhibit to cover-up our authentic feelings. 

Module #7 

Life story analysis: Discover life position perceptions in relation to our own and others “OKness”. This connects to recognition, where our stories came from, the messages we introjected and the drivers we engage in order to be perceived to be OK.

Bonus modules

Plus Bonuses!!!

Top TA Book TA Today by Ian Stewart, Vann Joines worth over $40

1:1 Coaching to the first 7 enrolled worth over $200!


Plus bonuses

These 7 effective models of communication and human development allow us to become more aware of ourselves and others. And sometimes self-awareness is all you need to make a real positive change. 

Plus Two Bonus Module not usually covered in TA101:

  • The power of body language

  • Neuroscience of change

Understanding Self & Others is a 2-day course of experiential learning and interaction with others. Filled with many ah-ha moments that deepen your understanding of yourself and discovering ways to improve the relationships in your life whether they be personal or professional.

How could you apply it in your life…?

  • For your own interest and growth and self discovery

  • To augment your own professional approach to communication and relationship building

  • You might want to use TA in your work as a manager, team leader, clinician, company director, consultant or coach

  • You may apply it to work in education or social professions   ̈

  • To go on to further training in TA ·

  • You might want to use it to improve your relationships creating more fulfilment and love in your life

  • You might want to use it to improve how you communicate so that you have more opportunities in life.


This course also follows the internationally recognised TA101 curriculum.

When and where is the next course?

Contact Mandy for next course dates.  The days are generally 9am - 4:30pm, however you will get information confirming exact times closer to the course. Course numbers are no more than 20. 

How do I sign up?

For the next TA101 course Contact Mandy.  Cost includes a 2-day workshop, cost of materials, morning & afternoon free book.


Understanding Self & Others (TA101) has been approved for Continuing Education through the International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education Program (ICF-CCE). Participants can receive 12.5 credits for attending the full workshop. 

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TA101 Testimonials
Here's what previous participants think of Understanding Self & Others...

“I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how TA can help me understand business relationships, such as dealing with clients and also personal relationships with friends, family and my partner. I enjoyed the course a lot, Mandy was well spoken and deeply connected with the subject mater and relays her knowledge amazingly. I’ve learned a lot in the two days, especially in connection with how to approach different interactions for different results. I would recommend this course to anybody interested in expanding their knowledge of self.”

Dylan Collis

Dylan Collis, Student

“I enjoyed it very much, all the information presented. There was such a lot in a short amount of time, but very interesting. This information will definitely be useful in my professional and personal relationships. Mandy has a lovely way of presenting this course, in an understandable way.”

Gloria Vujcich

Gloria Vujcich,


"I decided to do this course as I wanted to find out more about TA as a modality, to see if I could integrate it with approaches I already use. It was a very relevant and enjoyable experience, and refreshing to look at relationships from a different perspective. Mandy is an approachable and friendly facilitator who made understanding new concepts simple without drowning in jargon! Thank you, I really enjoyed it!”

Blank face


“I attending this course out of curiosity for more and different perspective on my current understanding. From what I have learned, I will find benefits in both personal and professional lives. I discovered fundamental techniques and perspectives wider than my previous experience (or narrative therapy). They have enlarged my understanding and provided context and more than one 'a-ha' moment!”

Neil Heathcote

Neil Heathcote, Operations Director

“Learning the TA theories has had a powerful impact on my self-awareness and communication, with my family and with clients. I feel more confident communicating with clients, especially in the initial stages when I'm starting out with a new client and establishing report. At first, I had to be a bit more conscious about it, but now its becoming second nature. Also in difficult situations, when I check in with myself before I say something, and apply what I have learnt, I almost always get a more favourable response – I feel like I know a secret that others don’t, on how to get the best out of people using a set of simple communication tools.”

Blank face

Elizabeth Evans,

Business Coach

"I decided to do this course because of a long interest in TA which stemmed from doing workshops in Australia with Acey Choy. The course further kindled my interest and has me considering studying further (funds permitting!) I have been using what I learnt in Australia and will continue to do so – this learning has been enhanced by this most welcome refresher. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to those with an inquisitive nature and would heartily endorse attending one run by Mandy. She is warm, accepting and jolly knowledgeable. Kept it interesting over the two very stimulating days.”

Erin Richardson

Erin Richardson, Counsellor/Facilitator

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