Professional and personal development in unison will give you powerful insights and self-awareness.

Mandy Lacy PhD
Professional Development Coach
TSTA Org Psychology,
Masters Learning Science & Technology

Dr Denise Meyerson, Director, Management Consultancy International

Mandy is incredibly forward-thinking and innovative in her approach to learning and development. She enjoys being at the forefront of new ideas and technologies.

Damon Stewart,

Director, Leading Edge Communications

This was a steep and exciting learning curve with rapid geographical expansion and a 300% increase in turnover in a 24-month period. Mandy was pivotal to this success. If you’re learning from Mandy, trust you’re in good hands – Mandy knows her stuff. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and she has the experience to back it up.

Nina Nyback, Founder and Lead Trainer, Training for Increase

Mandy has an excellent way of bringing across the details of her topic and it was extremely beneficial to me. I appreciated Mandy's training session especially because it was practical and therefore very effective. Thank you very much, Mandy, I highly recommend your training.

May 13, 2018

Science, Research & Innovation Leadership Conference, Wellington

Day 1: "Leading Transformation" Full day workshop facilitated by Mandy Lacy

Day 2 & 3: "Liquid Learning Science, Research & Innovation Leadership Conference" Chaired by Mandy Lacy

Jun 24, 2018

10th Global Advances of Business Communication

"Developing Group Memory at Team Meetings" Workshop by Mandy Lacy

Aug 29, 2018

2nd Women & Digital Leadership Summit, Wellington

Day 2: 2:15 pm “Active steps to stay ahead of change” Expert Commentary by Mandy Lacy

Day 3: "Leading Transformation" Full day workshop by Mandy Lacy

Nov 22, 2018

Australian and Singapore Associations Transactional Analysis Conference: Honouring TA Tradition & Shaping our TA Futures, Singapore

"Culture of Leadership: Traditions and Futures" Workshop by Mandy Lacy

Dec 06, 2018

Understanding Self and Others (TA101), Bay of Plenty, NZ

Learn the techniques that effective communicators and leaders use.


You’ll gain a deeper understanding in to why we do, feel or behave the way we do by exploring the interactions between you and the people you connect with.

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Understanding Self & Others has been approved for Continuing Education through the International Coach Federation. 

Breakthrough Coaching

1 to 1 leadership coaching designed to breakthrough 
patterns of behaviour 

Breakthrough Workshops

Personal and professional leadership development   workshops

Benefits Management

Effectively plan and manage the return on investment for your next project

Workplace Group Memory

Enhance group knowledge, memory and deepen learning experiences in your teams

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