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Discover how you can study TA as a qualification..

Why learn about TA concepts and practice?

TA is often though of as deceptively simple yet it is extremely potent when used effectively. The key is to apply TA to yourself before you attempt to apply it to others. TA uses a system of training and supervision which focuses on self awareness and skill development. TA101 is learning the basic concepts of TA and be able to apply them immediately to yourself and your workplace roles. Whether it is attending an introduction to TA or further workshops there are opportunities to integrate your learning into practice immediately.


What does TA offer? 

It provides a clear and simple outline of human personality and interaction, based on down-to-earth observation. The basic concepts can be shown in diagrams and described in plain language.
Therefore it can provide a ‘common language’ to problem solve, improve communications and enhance relationships. As well as simple basics, TA theory provides depth in a comprehensive range of applications, from couple work to classrooms to corporate management. It is being used in many different cultures world-wide.

The core philosophy of I’m OK, you’re OK,  affirms the value of each human being, and provides a key ethical standard for relationships, in non-sectarian language. TA has a holistic approach to relationships, applying to cognition (script beliefs), behaviour, emotion and growth (physis). It enables communication patterns to be analysed in detail in any system, both within and between individuals. It insists that everyone can learn to think clearly.

For keen students, there are international exams to become a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) in Organisational Work, Education, Counselling and Psychotherapy. You may even go further and become internationally accredited as a Teacher and Supervisor (TSTA).
Added to all of this are regular training events and Conferences, where trainees soon make an international network of friends. Nationally and internationally there are TA learning communities with trainers who lead TA education programmes. In some countries TA is recognised and link with university programmes and qualifications.


If you wish to know more about the international qualification framework, click here to go to the International TA Association provides useful information. 


Those teaching TA are accredited transactional analysts who have typically spent five years developing their awareness and skills before taking an international exam that involves both a dissertation and a panel that reviews their work. Teaching and supervising transactional analysts complete a further seven to qualify and be accredited as educators and supervisors within their field speciality


How to apply TA...

TA in the organisational field is a psychology of organisations that embraces the wider context to apply interventions for positive and effective change for the whole organisation, teams and individuals. TA concepts provide an excellent training framework for behaviour and action learning that integrates into professional and personal lives. It provides the foundation for organisational success, teaching leaders how to develop ‘winner’s scripts’ and lead teams coherently, self responsibility and growing the potential of their staff to meet organisational goals and outcomes.


TA has the following assumptions when applied are integrated in practice by believing that;

  1. People are OK – which means acknowledging and respecting each other as being OK, it also means that we may not like behaviour or opinion, this doesn’t lower the status of being OK.

  2. Everyone has the capacity to think for themselves and have the responsibility of deciding want they want from life and living with the consequences of their own decisions.

  3. People decide their own destiny, and these decisions can be changed. People can change and are responsible for their own feelings and behaviour. 

Where to next?

TA101, a 2-day workshop with Mandy called Understanding Self & Others, is a pre-requisite for further TA study, and an idea way to discover the TA concepts and have your own insights and self-discovery applying the theory to your life. Click here to learn more…

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