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General Information - PD Workshops

This section provides general information for the professional development workshops. Workshops are also designed and tailored to meet specific group, learning and development outcomes. 


Theoretical underpinnings 

These workshops are based on contemporary transactional analysis tenants in the organisational field.  The theory, concepts and tools you learn can be applied immediately into practice to your professional roles and situations, and for you personally. 


These workshops aren't for everyone   


Typically each day is experiential which means that you need to be reflective about your situations and yourself.  It will be through various exercises and activities that there is an expectation you will share your experiences at your own comfort level.


The workshops have been designed in two phases 


Day 1 will introduce you to new concepts that you can explore and apply to yourself, workplace role and situations.  You will go home with concepts that you can put immediately into practice. Day 1 is a stand alone workshop. 


Day 2 expands on Day 1 and focuses on participants practicing professional supervision/ coaching and working with group dynamics.  This day is for those wanting to integrate learning into practice. For those doing all of the workshops Day 2 will be an opportunity to present short TA knowledge-bytes to showcase further reading and knowing for discussion.


Workshops are also designed to meet specific learning and development needs. 

Pedagogical framework and approach

The workshops are based on flipped learning and experiential education approaches.  This means reading material will be available before the workshops to inform the basis of the workshop content, discussion and activities. Experiential means there will be discussions, activities and exercises where you can explore, apply and practice new learning to your professional roles and situations, and share your personal insights and awareness. Experiential allows further learning from others experiences. 

Recognition and Certificates 

All attendees receive attendance certificates.

Mandy is an approved training provider of the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Business Partners 


Each workshop meets internationally recognised TA training and supervision hours for those wanting Organisational TA learning recognition and qualifications.  Mandy is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) in the Organisational Field. Read more about Mandy's background here

The TA101 courses facilitated by Mandy are the official internationally recognised course.  Mandy has also received continuing coach education accreditation for the TA101 Course from the International Coaching Federation.  

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