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 Great team development programme. The feel in the branch and the interaction between individuals is defiantly improving, the team is starting to come together.  So many thanks for all your support and guidance.

Mark Dulig, NZ Regional Bank Manager  2020

I have enjoyed the academic theories presented and how these apply to real life application.  It has given me a greater understanding of human nature and how to life / work with others.

Ross Wilson, Chief Executive 2020  

It gave me insight into the ways people behave and how to react to this behaviour.  It has given me awareness. 

Alison Ferris, Regional Leader Connector 2020

Was finding interactions with difficult people challenging and frustrating.  Figured there must be a strategy for dealing with these situations.  Upon hearing about this workshop and Manager skills and abilities - I thought this would be a great self learning and insightful experience.  

I feel I have come away with a new approach to viewing how I interact with others which will benefit both my professional and personal relationships. 

Sandy - Accountant - 2020

Good to learn key TA concepts in a group so that different personal experiences could be reflected on.

Mandy has a light but deep touch and introduces interesting examples, anecdotes and video clips to illustrate the TA models.

Paul Stuart, Mens Therapist 2020

In my opinion Mandy Lacy is the most skilled Benefits Manager I have seen working in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  She combines both a good grasp of the theory and the ability to apply the approach in practice.  Her very strong interpersonal approach brings people on the journey and generates really strong buy in.  She is not afraid of complexity and challenge as well.  I am happy to thoroughly endorse Mandy and would be happy for you to contact me for further details!  

Paul Sutton - Registered Benefits Management Trainer and Consultant (2019)

Great workshop - would recommend to anybody who wants to learn more about the type of people we work with or even the type of person you are yourself.  

Thanks Mandy!

T Clark, Teach Aide/Admin 2020

I attending this course [TA101] out of curiosity for more and different perspective on my current understanding. From what I have learned, I will find benefits in both personal and professional lives. I discovered fundamental techniques and perspectives wider than my previous experience (or narrative therapy). They have enlarged my understanding and provided context and more than one 'a-ha' moment!

Neil Heathcote

Neil Heathcote

Operations Director

Mandy is incredibly forward-thinking and innovative in her approach to learning and development. She enjoys being at the forefront of new ideas and technologies.

Damon Stewart

Damon Stewart

Director, Leading Edge Communication

I engaged Mandy Lacy in teaching me, to quickly understand the organisational and staff management aspects of the business. This was a steep and exciting learning curve with rapid geographical expansion and a 300% increase in turnover in a 24-month period. Mandy was pivotal in this success. If you’re learning from Mandy, trust you’re in good hands – Mandy knows her stuff. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and she has the experience to back it up.

Dr Denise Meyerson

Dr Denise Meyerson

Director, Management Consultancy International

I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to learn.  I was surprised that it fitted well with the work I do in the Holistic Health industry.  I met great theories and life experiences of other people on the course, which helped along with Mandy's knowledge and wisdom - which changed some of the beliefs or thinking patterns I have.  I discovered being more in my adult self and honour myself and not having to over nurture and allowing others to grow.  I will use this in my personal and professional life. 

Muiread Douglas, Health Clinic Business Owner  2020

Learning the TA theories has had a powerful impact on my self-awareness and communication, with my family and with clients. I feel more confident communication with clients, especially the initial stages when I am starting out with a new client and establishing report. At first I had to be a bit more conscious about it, but now its becoming second nature. Also in difficult situations, when I check in with myself before I say something, and apply what I have learnt I almost always get a more favourable response – I feel like I know a secret that others don’t, on how to get the best out of people using a set of simple communication tools.

Elizabeth Evans, Business Coach

Mandy's understanding of organisational psychology, organisational culture and dynamics gave me insights and strategies to successfully build teams and achieve outcomes.

Denise Penny, Senior Health Project Manager

I wanted to find out more about TA as a modality, to see if I could integrate it with approaches I already use. It was a very relevant and enjoyable experience, and refreshing to look at relationships from a different perspective. Mandy is an approachable and friendly facilitator who made understanding new concepts simple without drowning in jargon! Thank you, I really enjoyed it!

Ros, Counsellor

I decided to do this course [TA101] because of a long interest in TA which stemmed from doing workshops in Australia with Acey Choy. The course further kindled my interest and has me considering studying further (funds permitting!) I have been using what I learnt in Australia and will continue to do so – this learning has been enhance by this most welcome refresher. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to those with an inquisitive nature and would heartily endorse attending one run by Mandy. She is warm, accepting and jolly knowledgeable. Kept it interesting over the two very stimulating days.

Erin Richardson

Erin Richardson


I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how TA can help me understand business relationships, like dealing with clients and also personal relationships with friends, family and my partner. I enjoyed the course a lot, Mandy was well spoken and deeply connected with the subject mater and relays her knowledge amazingly. I’ve learned a lot in the two days, especially in connection with how to approach different interactions for different results. I would recommend this course to anybody interested in expanding their knowledge of self.

Dylan Collis

Dylan Collis

Web Developer

I wanted to do the course to help gain skills on communication and extend my knowledge and tools with self development. I learnt new and efficient tools to deal with current, everyday situations. I really enjoyed the contracts, and child/adult/parent ego exercises. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their situation.

Melissa Wilkinson

Melissa Wilkinson


Mandy has an excellent way of bring across the details of her topic. She talked about the drama triangle and the winner’s triangle, and it was extremely beneficial to me. Definitely something I can take home and work on. I appreciated Mandy's training session especially because it was practical and therefore very effective. Thank you very much Mandy, I highly recommend your training

Nina Nyback

Nina Nyback 

Founder and Lead Trainer, Training for Increase

I did this course as a pre-requisite to CAT. I enjoyed it very much, all the information presented. There was such a lot in a short amount of time, but very interesting. This information will definitely be useful in my professional and personal relationships. Mandy has a lovely way of presenting this course, in an understandable way.

Gloria Vujcich

Gloria Vujcich


Mandy encouraged me to think about my role and myself, my staff and myself and other colleagues and myself, in ways that I had never done before.  She introduced me to a world of information that provided insights about what I was doing and why I was doing it that way. 

James Shepherd 

CEO National Counselling Service

Mandy is able to provide educative tools to be reflective of practice and increase personal and professional performance."

Dr Candy Cox

Dr Candy Cox

Health & Education Consultant

Mandy clearly defines issues of importance and clearly communicates effective strategies to negotiate an efficient way forward.

Dr Tony White, General Practice & Business Director

 I had the pleasure in attending Mandy’s workshop. She understands about workplace behaviour exceptionally. She’s a great presenter and I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Sharon Hartley

Sharon Hartley


I went to Mandy’s workshop and I was thrilled to hear everything Mandy could teach me about behaviour styles and all the different things that line and workplace managers can learn from. Amazing. And she was such a nice trainer.

Dr Rie Natalenko

Dr Rie Natalenko

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