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Conference presentations and workshops:

  • 2020 Auckland, New Zealand - Safety Psychology Conference: Conference Chair

  • 2020 Auckland, New Zealand - Safety Psychology Conference 1-day pre-summit workshop:  The psychology of safety meetings

  • 2019 New York USA - Pitch Perfect Workshop contributor

  • 2018 Auckland New Zealand - Safety Psychology Conference: Conference Chair

  • 2018 Wellington, New Zealand - 2nd Women & Digital Leadership Summit presentation: Active steps to stay ahead of change

  • 2018 Wellington, New Zealand - Science, Research & Innovation Leadership Conference: Conference Chair

  • 2017 Berlin, Germany ITAA presentation: Team meetings a place for learning: applying TA concepts

  • 2016 Coimbatore, India ITAA presentation: - Freedom to change: psychological hungers, cycles of competence and change

  • 2015 Sydney, Australia ITAA presentation:  Change and adoption: hungers and resistance

  • 2014 San Francisco, USA ITAA presentation: Lost in Space: technology, emotions and learning in organisations: the impact of psychological hungers

  • 2014 Perth, Australia WPTAA presentation: What's going on? Workplace dynamics, relations and behaviour

  • 2013 Osaka, Japan ITAA presentation: Who teaches us how to recover, rebuild and have new beginnings? Learning through cognitive apprenticeship

  • 2012 Sydney, Australia ATAA presentation: Sisters, brothers, and workplaces: group dynamics

  • 2012 Chennai, India ITAA presentation: Play at work: where’s your comfort zone?

  • 2011 Bilbao, Spain ITAA presentation: Healing within: fantasy or future for organisations

  • 2010 Perth, Australia ATAA presentation: Organisations healing within: fantasy or future

  • 2009 Tokyo, Japan JATA presentation: Making sense of our world, our culture and ourselves in 2009 - how does the cultural parent concept influence us?

  • 2008 Rotorua, New Zealand NZTAA presentation: Who's the leader? TA leadership concepts in practice

  • 2003 Tauranga, New Zealand NZBA presentation: Healthy boundary: keeping safe in your practice - applying TA contracting methods

Academic Presentations:

  • 2019 International Business Communication Conference - Detroit USA - Group memory and learning design principles for business meetings

  • 2019 APAC Association of Business Communication Conference, Wellington, New Zealand - Team meeting group memory and learning design principles and interventions

  • 2018 International Business Communication Conference, Johor Bharu, Malaysia - The meeting group memory toolkit

  • 2018 USYD Australia, Centre for Research of Learning and Innovation_PhD thesis presentation

  • 2017 World Transactional Analysis Conference - Berlin, Germany- Team meetings a place for learning

  • 2015 International Transactional Analysis Research Conference – Rome, Italy - Learning in multidisciplinary teams leading technology change and adoption

  • 2015 USYD Australia Research presentation at Faculty Education & Social Work Research Forum - Learning at multidisciplinary teams leading innovation

  • 2015 USYD Australia Research Fest - Learning at multidisciplinary teams leading innovation projects

  • 2014 USYD Australia Research Fest - Teams making sense of disruptive technologies 



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Lacy, A. (2020) Chapter: Learning practices at work: a case for cognitive apprenticeship, Book: Organisational Transactional Analysis- in press

PhD Thesis (2019): Group memory enhancing learning and knowledge practices in team meetings. University of Sydney, Australia

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2015 EATA Book of Abstracts publication: Trans-disciplinary teams making sense of technology that is       changing the traditional way of doing things – A Transactional Analysis perspective.

Lacy, A. Learning transactional analysis through cognitive apprenticeship. Transactional Analysis Journal, October 2012, Sage Publications.

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