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Exponentially elevate team meeting productivity through group memory, learning and knowledge building practices...

MQ is modern meeting intelligence

Companies spend millions on meetings and measuring the return on investment has received little attention or action.  Generally meetings receive a very poor rap!


But more meetings are happening in the workplace than ever before. Workplace teams worldwide are grappling with the complexities of implementing change. Meeting information often gets lost or forgotten during and after meetings. Learning opportunities are missed during team meetings due to competing priorities, information overload, lack of shared attention and failure to actively identify and incorporate relevant learning sessions. Team members often have a different understanding and remembering of meeting topics and generally there are add hoc approaches to how meeting content contributes to team learning.


November 2018, Mandy submitted her PhD through the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her research over five years examined team meeting productivity by incorporating group memory, learning and knowledge building practices.  MQ is the modern meeting process for elevating meeting performance. 


The research project focused on the connections between rich meeting summaries produced at team meetings and knowledge building.  Notational systems where used for representing known information and discovering emerging knowledge, along with being used for the maintenance of group memory, team learning and meeting reflections.


As a result Mandy considers strongly that group memory, learning and knowledge building practices are critical assets for organisations to improving the financial and resource efficiencies in team meetings.  This focus builds and maintains reliable intellectual capital.

Mandy runs workshops, completes company and individual assessment on the current state of meetings with actions and plans. If you are interested to know more about Mandy’s work in this area you can call her on +64273981744 or email

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From the boardroom to the shop floor, Mandy has had great success in leadership, team dynamics, professional and personal development.

Discover the value of having Mandy work with your organisation and teams... Understand where your organisation's breakdown in communication are taking place, where there are unrealised potentials, how you can maximise opportunities, increase cooperation, collaboration and productivity within your team.

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