Upcoming Events

2019 Professional Development Workshops

Exciting line up of professional development workshops for 2019 along with a 5 day experiential learning event. 

2019 Australasian Transactional Analysis Conference

Being held in Sydney, Australia from 8-10 November 2019.  Stay tuned for more information.

TA101: Understanding Self & Others

Learn the techniques that effective communicators and leaders use.


You’ll gain a deeper understanding in to why we do, feel or behave the way we do by exploring the interactions between you and the people you connect with.

Nov 22, 2018

Australian and Singapore Associations Transactional Analysis Conference: Honouring TA Tradition & Shaping our TA Futures, Singapore

"Culture of Leadership: Traditions and Futures" Workshop by Mandy Lacy

Aug 29, 2018

2nd Women & Digital Leadership Summit, Wellington

Day 2: 2:15 pm “Active steps to stay ahead of change” Expert Commentary by Mandy Lacy

Day 3: "Leading Transformation" Full day workshop by Mandy Lacy

Jun 24, 2018

10th Global Advances of Business Communication

"Developing Group Memory at Team Meetings" Workshop by Mandy Lacy

May 13, 2018

Science, Research & Innovation Leadership Conference, Wellington

Day 1: "Leading Transformation" Full day workshop facilitated by Mandy Lacy

Day 2 & 3: "Liquid Learning Science, Research & Innovation Leadership Conference" Chaired by Mandy Lacy

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Past  Events