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Creative passion has been born from my own experience of including creativity and art into my everyday life.  It has been an absolute game changer and I credit it to successfully achieving major projects and overcoming challenges in my life. From my Creativity Coaching work with others I have seen the same outcomes happening of improved life balance, joy, love, creativity, and overall happiness.  The Creative Passion Blueprint is an individually designed programme for women who want to ignite creativity, reduce the barriers of self doubt and self limiting beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of their unique creative strengths. Email me to find out more.

See the  'Creative oxygen for your writing soul' book and art launch photos below or order a copy here

This video show Mandy talking about how creativity made the difference in her life.

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10 Reasons to reignite your creativity

1. To gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your own unique     creative strengths.

2. To overcome creative blocks and increase productivity.

3. To develop new ideas and perspectives.

4. To improve problem-solving and decision-making skills.

5. To gain a better understanding of the creative process.

6. To learn how to effectively communicate and present creative         ideas.

7. To gain insight into the creative habits of successful individuals       and how to implement them.

8. To develop a personalized creative process that works for you.

9. To gain confidence and motivation in your creative pursuits.

10. To learn how to deal with criticism and handle rejection in a            healthy way.

Are your self-limiting beliefs, low creative confidence and self doubt stopping you from being creative, exploring creative ideas or launching that creative business? 

Find out more about the Creative Passion Blueprint.  It is an individually tailored programme for women to achieving major creative breakthroughs.  Email to receive more information by completing the form below.  Or to book your free no obligation Creativity Coaching session to experience the programme first-hand find a time here.

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Photos of my 2022 book and art launch

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