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Oxygen for your writing soul

The following images are various paintings I created whilst doing my PhD. I have called this online exhibition 'writing air' because the paintings represent moments in between research and writing where I needed to oxygenate my mind and brain.  At these times I would stand up and go to my painting area, pick up a paint brush and work away on one or two canvases. Sometimes without really thinking and other times concentrating on what it was I was wanting to say in my writing . They were moments for absorbing colours and images without any focus on the outcome.  It could be a quick wash with pthalo blue or more detailed colour results.  Typically I had two canvases on the go mainly because I never liked wasting paint!  I felt so refreshed from painting to carry on writing that it became a regular occurrence albeit with no set structure or routine. 

I started noting which painting I was working on during the research and writing stages and for me there emerged some parallel resonance with what the image was representing.  My musings about these are written in each of the painting descriptions. In these pieces I have used acrylic paints with some mixed media.  All the canvases are large and in various sizes.   My home working office space still has an area for painting - I love the ease of having everything so accessible. Doesn't make for a tidy office! Yet I find it a wonderful blend of energy.

My promise to myself was that I would share these paintings before I published my book. It is my first step in sharing so openly and publicly.  These paintings reflect some of my vulnerabilities throughout my PhD journey - and also immediately after the achievement.  This time I discovered, was quite a progression too. Completing this major project was a marathon and assimilating back into life again was quite a transition.   It took me awhile to adjust back into the rhythm of of life without the continuous thinking about my PhD. Absorbing the achievement has been a wonderful feeling of self satisfaction. I am now in the midst of writing a business book from my research with New York editor, Lauren Taylor-Shute.  It is proving to be a fabulous experience! Can't wait to share that next. 

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